Who is omnivert? Omnivert meaning

Omnivert is a person who is an introvert and at the same time an extrovert. 

His introvertness manifests itself in situations that do not interest him or seem boring to him.

On the other hand when he enjoys his activity and wants to be part of a community, his personality is fully and loudly manifested. 

For a very long time we thought that people are divided into only two types but modern science shows us that human nature is the whole spectrum and it’s just not about one color, but each of us have a piece of something specific. According to this new definition of human nature is broken in. Omnivert or Ambivert are also mentioned as one of these types. In contrast with Omnivert, which is both an introvert and an extrovert, Ambivert is a character between an introvert and an extrovert. 


How do I know I’m omnivert? 

Easy demonstration of omnivert is for example that when he is at the party he wants to be there and enjoys his presence, knows how to lead conversations perfectly, he is clearly noticeable, memorable, his personality stand out from the crowd but when the party ends he enjoys the rest days, engages in introverted activities such as meditation or reading books, when he really doesn’t need any social contact. 

As another example we can use children who are quiet at their uninteresting teams and they appears to be an introvert but in contrast with environment between close friends or family, they are fully extroverted. 

Still not sure whether or not you are omnivert? 

Find out if you are an extrovert, introvert or omnivert in our online test.